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:: The diciplines

:: Speed climbing
Two climbers with spurs and rope are going up and down a 19 m high tree in about 16-20 sec. This is very hard but a really spectacular event. The trees must be shaved smoth.
Max 20-21 m long- 40 cm i top diam.
Spruce or pine trees. No hard wood.

:: Axethrowing
The blue and red team are trowing 3 throws eack. Total score is 15 points.. Distance 6,2 m.
:: Chaircarving
In opening:
One logger makes this smal litle chair from a pice of log. The other team makes 4 smal chairs (Anton tricks) at the same time and winns this event.

Guinness record:
Anton holds the Guinnes record in carving 3 chair in 1 min. 30 sek. After spesific rules.

One of Antons own tricks is carving 6-8 smal earring-chairs in one operartion.

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"Ikea" chair:
Antons special trick is to make a chair inside a smal log.. One kid from crowd is takeing up the parts and the finished chair. A uniq trick.


Letter chairs:
One kid from the crowd is gets a chair with his initials as a back on the chair. Like S for Susanna etc. A crowd pleaser:)
:: Crosscuts saws
Jack and Jill: One lady from the crowd is picked up to this event.
Both ladys a getting chair-prices.

Crosscut: Two menn on each team are pulling racing sharp crosscut saws from New Zealand.

Crosscut/chainsaw: One team with crosscutsaw is racing a regular chainsaw. The crosscut saw is faster and crowd likes this.

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:: Logrolling

One from each team are competeing on the fast cedar log. Spikes on the shoes gives good grip. Two falls, is the loser. Junior logger can beat big boys. Crowd loves that

One solid log is laid across the pond and two are fighting with rubber sticks.
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:: Springboard chopping

An old tecniq from the old days.
To cut down big trees with axes and crosscutsaws they had to get up from the ground. One notch in the log and the first board goes inn. Then the next board, and then chopping of the block 3 m above the ground.

A spectacular event with racing axes.

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:: Chainsaw

Racing chainsaws.
Anton has many racing saws that are competing in the speed cut event.
Jonsered 95 racing. Tuned in Canada
Husqvarna 3120 120 ccm hot saw..
Jonsered 2190 two cylinder hot saw.
Yamaha 365 ccm hot saw.

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:: Chaincarving

A chain is carved out of a log in short time. A big surprice for the crowd.

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:: Underhand chopping

A big log is chopped in two in about 20 secunds with racing axes from Australia.
A tight figt between the red and blue team.

:: Standing chopping
The two men are chopping so fast as posible. Treefelling in the old way with axes.

Hard hit:
The vinner useing so few hits as posible. The crowd is counting the hits.

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:: Junior logger

In the Anton family there is a litle logger (7 years old) that have been in the shows for 5 years. He climbs, logrolls, chopps and throw the axe very good. This is the highlight for some of the crowds.

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